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Jack Be Thimble

Jack Be Thimble

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3-16 Players | Ages 6+ | 10-30 Minutes

Jack Be Thimble is a fun party game with lots of laughs and splashes! Avoid saying the secret word and you'll live to see another round unscathed. Don't, and you'll be greeted with a splash from a thimble full of water!

Your objective?

There are two objectives in this game. If you should find yourself as the Thimble Holder (splasher) your goal is to pick a category and word that will get the most people splashed. As the word guessers, avoid repeating a word or saying the secret word at all costs! Your splashless face depends on it.

With 36 pre-chosen category cards and 2 additional cards for custom categories, this game boasts endless replayability! Grab some friends and family and be prepared to never want to put it down. 

3, 2, 1, SPLASH!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Chris Huntington
Kids had a Blast!!

This is my kids go to game as a family, my 6year old especially loves it. Bonus is kids have to write words and be creative, keeps the brains active! ha

So much fun to play

This is a game for all ages to enjoy together and groups can be large or small. We’ve had hours of fun making up new categories and getting to know each other better. Love it

Great Game for all ages!

This is a great game for all ages. and small or large groups. We have had lots of fun playing It at family gatherings. Love it!! ❤️

Fun little game

As soon as I heard the pitch for this game I was sold. I knew it would be a hit with the kids and it didn’t disappoint.. It’s very easy to modify rules to maximize your fun. Very simple, flexible, yet effective game.

M Jeppson

Over the Christmas holiday we had multiple families together as we played this game. Everyone had such a good time playing and we couldn’t stop until all who wanted to be in the middle got a chance. This is great to play with a large group with varying ages!!